In the past ten years, the concept of tattooed eyebrows has changed drastically. The artificial, stamped design of the past has been substituted with a more natural, feathery look. Microblading became a popular option, however, now microshading is becoming the preferred choice. This softer method produces a more natural, airbrushed style that looks like a powdered brow.

Frequently Asked Questions

An ideal individual for this procedure would have sparse eyebrows with a drier complexion. This technique provides a natural look since each line is blended in with the existing hair. The machine is used to create those lines, which are referred to as machine hair strokes or nano hair strokes. People with dry to normal skin usually heal better, resulting in more defined outcomes. For those with a moderate quantity of brow hair, the lines will mix in nicely. However, it is not advisable for those with oily and delicate skin, as the pigment may not stay and the lines may blur over time.

When deciding on the aesthetic of your makeup, you can choose between a natural or more dramatic look. It is important to remember that the outcome of your procedure will appear lighter when it has fully healed, as this depends on the type of pigment used and the depth of implantation. Generally, the hair stroke technique is not as long-lasting as the Powder Brows technique, so it is often beneficial to combination the two.

When using the needle to create a tattoo-like appearance on the skin, the pigment does not penetrate as successfully as when the powder method is used. Often times with the needle, the color will fade quickly and need to be retouched more often. For a longer-lasting effect, the combination of nano strokes and powder with a machine has more successful results than manual Microblading.

It is important to pick a suitable time for the procedure and stick to the instructions for aftercare.

-Give your body time to heal before you go on a trip or to any special event.

-For the day of the treatment, don’t wear your finest garments as pigment could splatter on them.

-Wash your hair, as you will be told to keep the handled zone dry after the process.

-If you are aiming for a particular shape or color, take some photos to demonstrate to your specialist, and remember to have sensible desires.