Shaded Eyebrows

The technique of Ombre brows, which is sometimes referred to as shaded eyebrows, has been utilized for decades, having originated in Asia and continuing to evolve over time. This semi-permanent eyebrow styling method creates a look similar to that of a softly shaded brow pencil and provides great definition and depth to the eyebrows. It is particularly beneficial for women with oily skin or combination skin, or anybody who would normally fill in their brows with pencil or shadow.

Frequently Asked Questions

When using the ombré brows technique, a specialized machine is used to carefully apply tiny dots of pigment into the skin, creating a look that resembles that of a soft shading pencil. This semi-permanent eyebrow styling method is a great option for those who dread the time-consuming process of meticulously filling in their brows. The ombré shading can last for a period of one to three years, meaning the user won’t have to worry about doing much to keep their brows looking great.

Ombré brows offer advantages that don’t exist with microblading, making them a great choice for people with oily or sensitive skin. They don’t require as many touch-up appointments, and they can make your brows appear more full and well-defined. Not only that, but they’re suitable for all kinds of skin, making them a great investment.

It’s possible that ombré brows could remain in the same condition for somewhere between one and three years. That means fewer maintenance visits would be needed to keep the shape of your brows. Nonetheless, that timeframe will differ based on your habits and skin type.

Eventually, you will recognize that your ombré brows are beginning to lighten. When the definition of your brows begins to diminish, you’ll know it’s time for a retouch. You should plan ahead to have a powdery brows touch-up every 18 months to keep your brows looking as great as when you initially received your ombré shading.