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The eyebrows have a great role in the face since they greatly affect its shape. Therefore, if you want to achieve ideal eyebrows permanently, it is very important that you discover the microblading technique. Read on to find out everything about eyebrow microblading: what it is and what its benefits are.

The eyebrow microblading technique

Eyebrow microblading consists of an aesthetic treatment that replicates the eyebrows, that is, it creates the sensation of real hair due to the numerous individual strokes to create the shape “hair by hair”.

It is a semi-permanent tattoo, therefore its effect disappears on its own over time. The effect usually lasts approximately two years. The procedure is not painful, since an anesthetic cream is usually applied so that you do not feel the needle.

For its part, the result is quite natural and realistic thanks to making fine lines to rebuild the eyebrows. In addition, to achieve this, the natural outline of your eyebrows and your face are analyzed to achieve the ideal result according to your face.

Benefits of eyebrow microblading
Save time and money

For many of us, putting on makeup can take up a large part of our morning routine. With microblading, you can eliminate the part where you have to fill in your thin eyebrows until you get a symmetrical shape to your liking.

If you think about how much money you spend on brow pencils, waxing, shaping, brushes, and tweezers, you’ll see that getting this treatment is an investment that can really save you money. It is a single payment and the duration of the results is 2 years.

Natural Look

It is almost impossible to tell the difference between a natural eyebrow and one made with this technique. Eyebrow microblading is done hair by hair, using hundreds of strokes so that the result is as realistic and natural as possible.

Personalized Design

You can decide the design you want for your eyebrows, from the thickness, color, and even the shape. In addition, our professionals will help you carry out various tests so that you can find the eyebrows with which you feel most comfortable. In addition, we will draw the expression that best suits you.

Lasting Result

One of the best benefits of eyebrow microblading is that this process offers results that provide long-term effects. Its duration varies for each person, and in the best of cases, it can last up to 3 years.

Confidence and Self Esteem

Getting the eyebrows that best represent you will help you increase your self-esteem and confidence. Designing them in a personalized way will allow you to highlight your best features and make you feel totally comfortable with your eyebrows. In addition, with them, you will reach your best version to shine wherever you go.


If you are afraid of needles, you don’t have to worry about microblading at all. Anesthetic creams are applied during the procedure so you don’t feel any pain, making it virtually painless.

Sweat Resistant

Another benefit of eyebrow microblading is that once you have the procedure and go through the healing process, you can pretty much forget about it and go on with your life as if you hadn’t.

This will not cause spots on your face or be affected. You can go to saunas, swim, exercise, and clean your eyebrows over and over again with your daily facial, you don’t have to worry.